Physiotherapy in Haywards Heath

If you have an injury, mobility issue or disability, the associated pain and recovery can be a struggle. Using a combination of physiotherapy and advice about movement and exercise, can not only speed up and aid your recovery but help you avoid future injury.

Getting back on track with Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy involves manual therapy and can help whether your injury is the result of age, a fall or sports injury, or caused by ill health. The treatment focuses on soft tissue release, mobilisation, myofascial release and specific exercises to improve function and limit pain.

Tailored antenatal and postnatal physiotherapy can also help to alleviate symptoms and pain associated with pregnancy.

Areeba has been a practising chartered physiotherapist for the health service and private sector since 2009 and is registered with the HPC and CSP. She’s also a fit back and bumps instructor.

Physiotherapy Fees & Availabilities

Areeba Qureshi:

Initiial Consultation:
Duration: 1 hour
Fees: £60

Follow-up Consultation:
Duration: 30 minutes
Fees: £45

Wednesday (Morning) & Sunday: Available on Request

If you are looking for a professional private physiotherapist in Haywards Heath, feel free to contact Areeba Qureshi today on 01444 616797 or 07837 014274 for a no-obligation consultation.