Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness for Stress Relief – 7 Tips For A Calmer Day

How hypnotherapy and mindfulness can help anxiety and stress

If you feel anxious, then learning how to calm and soothe the brain and body with some simple relaxation exercises can really help. Mindfulness practises, whereby you bring your full attention to an activity and enjoy it without judgement, also help you to feel more in control and have a sense of flow.
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Know Your Acupuncture Points And Help Yourself

How the ancient Chinese used acupuncture points for an energy boost

Feeling tired? You know that mid-morning and early afternoon energy slump? Well legend has it that the Chinese army would stop and massage an acupuncture point on their leg every three miles to give them enough energy to keep marching. It’s called the Leg Three Miles and is also known as St 36 and it’s the best acupressure point for a quick energy boost. The classic Chinese texts also describe the Leg Three Miles as the Sea of Nourishment point for the body and it’s considered an energy regulator that can be used as often as needed with no draining on other functions within the body.

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Shoulder Pain Mobile Phone Use Chiropractor

Do you suffer pain in your neck, head or shoulders? May be your smartphone is to blame!

If you use a smartphone, tablet or laptop and suffer from pain in the neck, shoulders or head, you might have Forward Head Posture. Our Chiropractors deal with poor neck posture on a daily basis, using various forms of chiropractic treatment and exercise advice to deal with this modern phenomenon. This is now believed to be one of the most common causes of pain and stiffness in the neck, head and shoulder region.

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SoundCloud Mindful Meditations with Nicola Preston Bell

SoundCloud Mindful Meditations with Nicola Preston Bell

The gentle discipline of focused attention using SoundCloud Mindful Meditations with Nicola Preston Bell.

Time Travel

Do you pay attention to the way your mind works?

If you stop for a moment right now and step back from your thoughts, you will probably find that there is a constant stream of chatter, often about past stuff or future plans. This “time travel” is very common and it draws you away from the present moment, entrances you with emotions associated with the kinds of thoughts that fill the mind. The mental chatter can urge you on so that you’re never fully engaged with the moment you’re in, missing that beautiful sunrise or chance to connect more deeply with a loved one.
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ELEMENTAL – Two Painters and A Photographer Explore The Materiality of Landscape

Work Inspired By The Local Environment & Beyond

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