Finding Self-help Acupressure Points

Feeling nauseous or have a stomach ache? Is it coming from being anxious and jittery? Here’s the best acupressure point for quick relief, it’s called Inner Gate and is also known as PC 6, it’s the 6th point on the Pericardium meridian and is often another ‘go to’ point for many acupuncturists as it’s gentle, calming, wide ranging and supportive.

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Are you managing to give the impression of calm serenity on the surface, when underneath you are struggling to stay afloat?

What is stress?
Although our experiences of stress are subjective, a general definition is:​ “has become the go to word to describe uncomfortable feelings associated with a physiological, emotional and psychological state that we experience when we perceive that excessive demands are being made on us that we cannot cope with.”

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Could your lower back pain be caused by stress?

A commonly asked question is does stress cause lower back pain. The simple answer is yes. Obviously the most common type of stress resulting in lower back pain is physical stress due to occupation, sports, hobbies and lifestyle factors which cause increases in loading on muscles, ligaments, joints and other soft-tissues resulting in mechanical dysfunction and eventually pain. But this article will focus more on psychological and emotional stress, how this can lead you to suffer from lower back pain and what you can do about it. Read more

Your Chiropractor’s Guide To Low Back Pain

Lower back pain getting you down?

You don’t have to be doing anything remarkable to put your back out and find yourself struggling with lower back pain. It can be something as simple as putting on your shoes and then straightening up and… click, you feel something odd in your lower back. But chances are that despite being in some discomfort, you probably carry on with your day as usual.

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