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Sheila’s Secret Weight Loss Technique

Struggling to lose weight? Sick of getting up in the morning, knowing that yet again you haven’t met your weight loss target? But skeptical about promises made by people like me that there is an easy way? I don’t blame you. I have been supporting clients with their weight management for over a decade and I know the daily battles you face when you’re trying to lose weight and how demoralizing it is when none of the weight loss methods which have promised you amazing results have worked. So I’m not about to suggest a miracle weight loss cure. Read more

Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness for Stress Relief – 7 Tips For A Calmer Day

How hypnotherapy and mindfulness can help anxiety and stress

If you feel anxious, then learning how to calm and soothe the brain and body with some simple relaxation exercises can really help. Mindfulness practises, whereby you bring your full attention to an activity and enjoy it without judgement, also help you to feel more in control and have a sense of flow.
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