What is Trichology?

Hair loss is a frightening experience regardless of your age. Conditions diagnosed in men, women and children can include anything from hair loss, female pattern hair loss, patches of baldness, hair breakage, scaling, oiliness of the scalp or itching of the scalp, cradle cap, eczema and inflammatory conditions such as psoriasis. If you’re suffering with symptoms such as these and are concerned about your hair or scalp, you need not suffer alone and can seek professional and receive understanding support from a trichologist.

Trichologist at The Clinic

Shuna Hammocks is a Consultant Trichologist who has been a hair and scalp specialist for 15 years.

What does a Trichologist do?

The hair is an excellent barometer of health and hair and scalp concerns can be the result of other issues, such as general health maladies, emotional stress and anxiety, poor diet, medication side effects or even allergies to certain foods or products used. While trichology can work alongside any medical specialists, and is endorsed by Endocrinologists and Dermatologists, Trichology takes a holistic approach to the causes of hair and scalp problems therefore all areas of your life will be taken into account.

During the initial consultation you’ll be asked about your health, your lifestyle, a genetic history, how you care for your hair, whether bloods tests are relevant and receive a thorough hair and scalp examination. In most cases, Shuna Hammocks can diagnose your condition on the day and if your problem requires a clinical treatment then you may stay for a further hour.

In other cases you may take your prescription home to use as directed.

Fees & Availability

Therapy & PractitionerSession Times & FeesAvailability
Shuna Hammocks
Details of treatments and prices available on enquiry.
  • Monday to Thursday – 09:00 – 16:00
  • Friday & Saturday – 09:00 – 18:00



Early in 2014 I noticed the hair on my crown area was thinning, I was also suffering itching and redness on my scalp … Having made an appointment to see Shuna, she addressed both issues. Using her recommended shampoo, the condition of my hair improved within weeks. We then talked about treating the thinning hair issue. Shuna advised drops to be applied once a day in the evening. After three months I noticed fine hair growing from the crown and to my surprise the temples. Now after only nine months treatment my scalp is healthy, and hair growth is still improving. My thoughts are that I should have consulted Shuna about 5 years ago.  I would thoroughly recommend Sussex Trichology.

JohnWest Sussex
Sam Butcher

Upon meeting Shuna, she puts you at ease with her friendly, reassuring and manner. She diagnosed my condition and prescribed my treatment. Six weeks later I went back for my second consultation and had some very positive news on how the treatment was working. I am really happy with the way things are progressing and look forward to seeing further results over the next few months.

Sam ButcherHaywards Heath

If you are experiencing concerns about your hair or scalp and would like help and advice within a consultation, please call Shuna Hammocks 01444 448 082 or 07860 387 332 or email [email protected] today.