Semi-Permanent Makeup – FAQs

Yes, we can remove semi-permanent makeup. We can do this with various methods including laser removal and a salt & saline removal. Most removal methods often need more than one treatment to remove the makeup and all can potentially have a risk of scarring. Having said that, there is a very high success rate for removal of semi-permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup and semi-permanent makeup are the same things. It is often referred to as permanent makeup because the pigment stays in the skin permanently but the colour fades leading to the popular use of ‘semi-permanent’.

The colour of semi-permanent/permanent makeup varies in its longevity. The fading can be affected by various things including colour implanted, the skin care regime of the client and sun exposure to the area.

Semi-permanent makeup is not a terribly painful process. Pigments are implanted very shallowly into the skin with minimal trauma. The pain threshold of clients varies enormously, but quite often the eyebrows are known to be the least painful treatment (customers have been known to fall asleep!) and the lips being slightly more uncomfortable. I have never had a client stop me because of pain or extreme discomfort.

Semi-permanent eyebrows can be corrected – this can be done either by the process of removal or, if the placement is satisfactory, then colour correction can be done.

The cost of semi-permanent eyebrows varies but a good guide price is £350 for two treatments at our clinic.

The first treatment would involve a full consultation and first colour implantation. Then 4-6 weeks later there should be a ‘retouch’ appointment to do any minor adjustments and to add more colour where needed. The cost is spread over the two appointments, £200 and £150 respectively.

The pigment stays on the skin permanently. The colour fades over a period depending on skin type, colour implanted and lifestyle. Usually, a colour boost/retouch would be due in every 10-12 months as you see the colour starting to fade.

Our makeup artist will fully advise you at your appointment about the aftercare of semi-permanent eyebrow makeup. You will need to keep your eyebrows dry for about a week. Although it might be tempting, it is important not to pick or scratch them as they dry.

They will feel like light scabs, and although they’ll naturally fall away, the skin underneath will take up to 4 weeks to heal.

Once your skin has healed, the results will look a lot lighter than they do when they are first done. For that reason, you will need a light retouch after 4-6 weeks. The colour sometimes becomes more visible during the healing process.

If you’d like more information about after-care, please get in touch.

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