Nutritional Therapist in Haywards Heath

What you eat, drink, wash your clothes in and clean your home with has a major impact on your health and how you function. But with today’s modern lifestyles, getting a healthy balance isn’t always easy.

Restore The Balance With Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy is the practice and implementation of dietary and lifestyle recommendations to support optimum wellbeing and health in individuals.

An Individual & Realistic Health Plan Created For You

Our registered nutritional practitioner, Sally Rawlings, will discuss your diet, exercise regime and lifestyle to help produce a full picture of your overall health and prepare a healthy lifestyle plan for you.

Sally believes that the key to success is creating a plan that is both realistic and gratifying, ensuring your food choices, exercise recommendations and general living aspirations are all sustainable. As everyone is different, your plan will be uniquely formulated to your own personal needs and requirements.

Tackling Underling Health Issues

Nutritional therapy can also be used to help investigate underlying issues and support general wellbeing. This can mean better levels of energy, improved sleep, help in the management of stress-related conditions, aid the balance of hormones and lead to a healthier mood and outlook.

The Science Behind The Plan

Up to the minute nutritional and lifestyle, scientific research is the foundation on which an effective dietary and lifestyle strategy is built.

The use of foods and fluids, alongside functional testing, food supplements, exercise and lifestyle recommendations may aid in supporting and protecting the functions of the body, potentially aid healing processes and pinpoint nutrient imbalances.

Nutritional therapy is not a replacement for medical advice and individuals displaying adverse symptoms are advised or will be referred to contact their medical practitioner to discuss this further.

If you’d like to discuss nutrition and how Sally Rawlings can help, call 07866 169049 or make an appointment by calling 01444 616797.