Hypnotherapy for Depression

If you’re experiencing low moods, occasional anxiety, or fatigue and lethargy, then your doctor might well suggest that you have depression. Most depression if left untreated will lift over a 9-month period, but hypnotherapy for depression can help to lift you out of your low mood and make you feel alive again in a much shorter time and without drugs.

It works by just nudging your mind away from the kind of thoughts that make you feel low. We can use it to help you enjoy a deep sense of relaxation and to find a way forward to a healthier lifestyle and mindset. Again, the number of sessions it takes varies from person to person but it generally only takes a few sessions to start feeling more optimistic and to start trusting in your own ability to feel well and happy again.

Hypnosis can really help in breaking the old unhelpful “depressive trance” and then finding a more realistic view on the world and your life, reconnecting you to the part of you that engages confidently with activities and challenges.

If you are looking for an experienced hypnotherapist for depression and anxiety, feel free to contact the clinic today for no-obligation consultation.