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How much does it cost to see a Chiropractor in the UK?

Chiropractors come under complimentary private care. So this means it is up to the discretion of the Chiropractic clinic to set the cost of treatment. However, you can expect to pay from £60 to £70 pounds for your first consultation and treatment, which is usually an hour, and subsequent treatments cost about £45.

Do you suffer pain in your neck, head or shoulders? May be your smartphone is to blame!

If you use a smartphone, tablet or laptop and suffer from pain in the neck, shoulders or head, you might have Forward Head Posture. Our Chiropractors deal with poor neck posture on a daily basis, using various forms of chiropractic treatment and exercise advice to deal with this modern phenomenon. This is now believed to be one of the most common causes of pain and stiffness in the neck, head and shoulder region.