Your Chiropractor’s Guide To Low Back Pain

Lower back pain getting you down?

You don’t have to be doing anything remarkable to put your back out and find yourself struggling with lower back pain. It can be something as simple as putting on your shoes and then straightening up and… click, you feel something odd in your lower back. But chances are that despite being in some discomfort, you probably carry on with your day as usual.

Of course, people get back pain from a variety of causes, and each case is completely different. But it can have an enormous impact on enjoyment of even the most basic things that you take for granted everyday and can really affect your quality of life.

And as the problem goes untreated and the pain gets worse, you probably gradually go from feeling awkward, to having trouble walking without pain. You might even feel nauseous, feel like your legs are going to give way and by the time you get to bed, you find you can’t even turn over or stretch.

Chiropractic treatment can help

McTimoney is a very gentle chiropractic method. The treatment is very comfortable to receive even though moving around the treatment couch can be slow and painful.

When chiropractic treatment starts to take effect

The treatment itself can take up to 48hrs to take effect. This is because it can take a while for exterior structural work to filter down to the interior structures; muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, blood supply and nerves. And sometimes, you may need more than one treatment because your muscles are resisting and fighting back.

Self-help for back pain

The pain may not ease immediately but you need to avoid sitting still all day. Keeping your back warm with a hot water bottle can help, as can regular, gentle and careful stretching, massage and a little walking. But you really should ask your chiropractor for advice about this first.

But don’t wait for something to go wrong. Take time to look after yourself and remember, regular stretching, exercise and considerate movement can go a long way towards saving you from pain in the first place.

If you’d like some advice about back pain, self-help or treatment, call me, Jacob Nowinski (McTimoney Chiropractor) on 01444 616797 today.


Jacob Nowinski

Jacob Nowinski was one of the first students to graduate with the title ‘Masters in Chiropractic’ (MChiro) from the McTimoney College of Chiropractic. Call The Clinic on 01444 616797 or Jacob on 07751 076395 to book an appointment or free spine check with no obligation, or to discuss your condition and options.

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