SoundCloud Mindful Meditations with Nicola Preston Bell

SoundCloud Mindful Meditations with Nicola Preston Bell

The gentle discipline of focused attention using SoundCloud Mindful Meditations with Nicola Preston Bell.

Time Travel

Do you pay attention to the way your mind works?

If you stop for a moment right now and step back from your thoughts, you will probably find that there is a constant stream of chatter, often about past stuff or future plans. This “time travel” is very common and it draws you away from the present moment, entrances you with emotions associated with the kinds of thoughts that fill the mind. The mental chatter can urge you on so that you’re never fully engaged with the moment you’re in, missing that beautiful sunrise or chance to connect more deeply with a loved one.

Calming the Busy Mind

Mindfulness meditation has been found to help us to focus our attention and be more aware of what we are spending our time thinking about. Being able to take the mind off the “what ifs, shoulds, musts and ought to” can lead to feeling calmer and more in control, making healthier choices.

SoundCloud Mindful Meditations for Relaxation

Meditating or just attending to our own awareness of the present moment is not easy! If you think meditation is about emptying your mind, you will be disappointed. It is much better to choose a focus for the mind to settle on. Many of my clients prefer to use my SoundCloud meditations to help them to have a still, quiet moment in the day to come back to their senses and focus on the present moment. Sitting down with an attitude of compassion, curiosity and non-judgement is vital.

Calm and Focused Attention

SoundCloud mindful meditations are short, calming and follow a similar format to the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programmes available. I originally recorded them for participants on my Mindfulness Relaxation courses, but they are available to everyone. However I will be running another Mindfulness for Busy People 4 week course soon, so do let me know if you are interested in attending one.

Free App

You need to get the SoundCloud app (Android, iOS), which is free, and then look for Nicola Preston Bell. You could begin with the 3 Minute Mindful Check-in, to help you put some punctuation into your day. If you have trouble sleeping then the 12 Minute Body Scan or the Go to Sleep meditations might help you to switch off that busy mind at night. If you find that you are very self-critical, you might like to try Tune Out the Inner Critic, or the Meditation on Compassion.


You could subscribe to my mailing list (on my website) so that you ensure you get the details of my next Mindfulness course, or you can contact me for some one-to-one coaching on Mindfulness.

There are so many benefits documented in evidence-based studies, is it time for you to make some healthy changes for yourself with mindfulness?

Nicola Preston Bell

Nicola Preston Bell is an experienced hypnotherapist and has been working with clients in Sussex for over 10 years.If you are looking for hypnosis for weight loss, anxiety, phobia or hypnobirthing, please feel free to call Nicola on 01444 819075 today.

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